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 All students interested in entering Summit-Questa Montessori School

must complete an Application for Admissions.

We begin the Application Process with a scheduled tour of our campus for parents only. The tour is to let you become familiar with our campus, classrooms and philosophy in a one-on-one interactive way.

Please call our office at 954-584-3466 to set up your tour.

(*Please note that we do not enroll students entering 8th grade unless they are coming from a Montessori school due to the unique environment of the program.)


All students interested in entering Summit-Questa Montessori School must complete an Application for Admissions. Depending on the age of the student, additional forms and references may be required before the application will be considered. A copy of the student’s birth certificate, previous school report cards, testing information and completed confidential recommendation forms along with an application fee must also be submitted.

Get started now by downloading the application and reference forms from our Forms Download page – OR – Request that an Admissions Packet be mailed to you by calling our office at 954-584-3466.

Student Observation Day (grades 1-8)

This is a very important part of the Application Process. This is the day that your child comes to Summit-Questa for a “day of school”. They get a first-hand experience in how our Montessori classrooms operate as they join in the classroom as a student. They will participate in all of the day’s activities, lessons, specials, etc. They will be paired up with another student as a partner for the day to provide comfort and companionship. This visit also allows teachers to see how your child adapts to the environment.


Choosing a Montessori Education is a conscience decision. Carefully considering the fit of your child and our environment is important to the success of the student’s academic experience. This is not a formal evaluation but more of a personal conversation and consideration of how the unique nature of your child and our program come together to benefit all.


Our Admissions Committee will review all of the student’s information, grades and scores. If the student is identified as one who will benefit from enrollment at SQMS, an acceptance offer will be sent to the parents. The registration fee, tuition deposit and Student Enrollment Contract must be submitted to enroll. Tuition payment options and billing account information is also set up during this time.


Once a student is officially enrolled, the Admissions Office will mail a New School Year Packet. This packet will include a few additional forms you will need to complete and submit to the Admissions prior to beginning school. It will also include important dates that will help you and your child as you prepare for the transition to Summit-Questa.

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