Surely, everyone knows him by now!

Simba, the cat, is like an old friend we are growing up with, as he has been around for a very long time.  As far as Ms. Judy knows, Simba joined her from the church grounds next to the school, where he had another owner, Ms. Patty. Simba obviously enjoyed our school a lot more, and decided to move permanently into Ms. Judy’s office and on campus (he was already a couple of years old by that time).

When not hanging out at Ms. Judy’s office, Simba likes to hang out on the floor in front of the main office. He is also extremely grateful for following strong social distancing and mask requirements throughout school to help keep everyone safe. Simba, however, hopes the pandemic will be over soon so he can finally see what all the humans look like without masks.

Fun Facts about Simba:

• Estimated to be about 15 to 16 years old
• Loves fire engines
• Loves Ms. Judy
• Can be very loud if it doesn’t go his way
• Loves to sleep in Ms. Judy’s office
• Makes himself recognizable through very loud meowing while standing next to Ms. Judy